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Welcome to VANZ: The Vehicle Association of New Zealand

The Vehicle Association of New Zealand for People with Disabilities is an incorporated society with a ridiculously long name and for that reason, VANZ is used as an abbreviation.

VANZ was first established in 1992 because the Ministry of Transport was introducing the Land Transport Rules which, once implemented, would impact on compliance of vehicles that were modified where the modification affected a component or components covered by a Transport Rule.

VANZ later became part of a group called the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (LVVTA). Other organisations forming part of LVVTA being The Hot Rod Association of NZ, Motorsport NZ, Vintage Car Club, Sports Car Club NZ, NZ Motor Caravan Association, NZ Four Wheel Drive Association, Kiwi Trikers Social Club, Constructors Car Club, Component Car Manufacturers Association of NZ. There is an abnormity within LVVTA. VANZ is the only organisation representing people who need their vehicle modified so they can drive or travel, where as all the other groups represent people who desire to modify their vehicles just to be different or take part in recreational activities.

VANZ has an obligation to all disabled people in New Zealand to maintain vigilance over the LVVTA to ensure the standards do not get altered in such a way that adaptations to cars for disabled people does not become an impossible goal or at an unaffordable cost.